Independence day Of USA

When we decided with my best friend to finally make that trip to New York that we dreamed of since we were girls, the first thing we had to define was the date! One of the options that we shuffled, we were there for the famous 4th of July, and we do not doubt it! If our experience lacked something to make it a movie, it was to know us there for the very popular 4th of July images!!! Independence Day. Americans are in themselves patriotic, they have it to the surface, and it shows! We see it not only in the movies, but also in the flaming flag at the door of each house, in the flag turned into fashion that not only dress on specific occasions but they do it daily, and especially, it shows in its form of celebrate each country date! That’s why we were excited to experience it in the first person!

The previous days we thought that we would start beating what was coming, but to my surprise there were few things that reminded me. Some themed cookies maybe, some stained glass, and some other stall with merchandising to tone, but the rest quiet, almost nothing.

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Until he arrived on July 3 at night. Because of the celebrations in Manhattan. Cannot start in any other way than with a party! And we who used all our energies to travel NY by day, we gave main importance to this night, in which all the Rooftops of the city exploded!!! (It is essential to book or have passed). That day, we chose to go to Ph.D. Midtown, the disco on the top floor of the Dream Midtown Hotel.

The line to enter was very long; I’m not going to lie to you. But it was to be expected that on one of the most promising nights of the big apple we are not the only ones wanting to break it! Once we entered we agreed that the wait had been totally worth it! The place was amazing, with an outdoor area and a wonderful view of the city from the 13th floor with a shared VIP table and free alcohol all night ( # BeneficioCNY we achieved through # ChicasenNY ) inevitably felt the protagonists of some of all the favorite series that I saw in my life !!! The night ends in general earlier than in BA type 3 AM (luckily because we did not give more! Hahaha) and at that time we started the retreat to the hotel, exhausted but HAPPY!!!

The next day, on the morning of the famous 4th of July, it obviously cost us a lot to get out of bed. But once we achieve it, we enter into the doubt about which would be the best place to go to spend the day of freedom!

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As it is a holiday, the Yankees begin the celebration generically from early, outdoors and in a family. It is full summer for them then the day, if it is nice, it is ideal for everyone to go out to celebrate in the streets. Any green space is a good plan either for a picnic or BBQ. But in general, they choose to spend the day in the chosen Spot to see the famous Fireworks of Macy’s. Among the favorites is the South Street Seaport Pier and Governor Island. Although we had researched a little premature to see which one to choose, it was not entirely clear to us which was the best option. There was also the possibility of choosing a rooftop in Manhattan, like the night before that we had not had a bad time, but our instincts took us to Williamsburg. And it did not fail us!😆We left midafternoon for the area and the subway was already a show! The subway was full of people dressed in tone, stripes, and stars to full and with the joy that characterizes them for this type of events. When we get off at Bedford Ave Station, we walk along the river until we reach our chosen place, the East River State Park. When we arrived, we saw tremendous control for entry, it is such a massive event that extreme care. The show started at 9.30pm and at 9, the line to enter the park seemed to have no end! Patience, luckily it advanced faster than we thought and as if we had calculated it meticulously, it was enough that we entered and we approached the river so that the roars in the sky began!

Astonished, camera in hand, we went sneaking among the people who with ice cream and tarpaulins gave the account of having spent all day there enjoying the nationalist spirit that felt in the air. The image of the Empire State Building on the Manhattan Skyline and illuminated by the fireworks is one of those memories that I will never forget! The fire show lasted approx. half an hour and we were moving, looking for different points of view, until arriving nothing more and nothing less, to the stones of the shore on the East River itself. INCREDIBLE. The emotion we feel is nontransferable, it was too good to be true and once finished cost us much to react and undertake back! Way to go through subway RIVIERA DRIVE, A beautiful restaurant that captivated us with its garden of lights and forced us to enter for a pizza and a beer!!!

We had already seen it during the day in another of our walks in Brooklyn but it does not attract as much attention as the night and its magical little lights! It is divine for Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner and if there is no place in the patio do not worry that the interior is just as nice!!! It was really ideal to close a unique and unforgettable day! “